Bakery machine


This Industrial Bakery Machine Manufacturer is high automaticity and stable quality, controlled by PLC, adopts qualified materials, and its part that touch flour is made of Stainless Steel,its capacity is 150kg/h-300kg/h. All kinds of top-grade bread like French bread, baguette bread ,toast bread, banana toast bread , loaf  that made by this line are very crispy, the production line is welcomed from all over the world.

Bakery Machine Successful case


Dough Mixing —Egg/Cream Mixing—Water chilling—Electric Dividing—-Dough Pressing&Sheeting—-Bread Forming —- Bread Proofing—Bread Baking—-Bread Slicing&Cutting

Step 1:  Put the flour into the dough mixer and mix the dough good enough for bread(you can add eggs or other materials).

dough mixer


Step 2:  Put the mixed dough into dough divider. This divider can divide the dough into 36 pieces, each piece dough ranges from 30-180g

Dough divider


Step 3:  Put the divided dough into the toast moulder, to press the dough and make it to the toast shape.

Step 4:  Put the dough into the toast box.

toast box


Step 5: Out these box in the proofer for 40 mins to rising the dough.

Step 6:  Put the trolleys with dough into the rotary oven for baking, normally 30mins.

Bakery oven

Step 7:  Use the bread slicer to slice the toast into pieces.

bread slicer

Bakery Machine Food

Bakery Machine Food

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